TU Philosophy

We believe that trout and salmon fishing isn't just fishing for trout and salmon. It's fishing for sport rather than food, where the true enjoyment of the sport lies in the challenge, the lore, the battle of wits, not necessarily the full creel. It's the feeling of satisfaction that comes limiting your kill instead of killing your limit. It's communing with nature where the chief reward is a refreshed body and a contented soul, where a license is a permit to use not abuse, to enjoy not destroy our cold water fishery. It's subscribing to the proposition that what's good for trout and salmon is good for the fisherman and that managing trout and salmon for themselves rather than the fisherman is fundamental to the solution of our trout and salmon problems. It's appreciating our fishery resource, respecting fellow anglers and giving serious thought to tomorrow.



Federation of Fly Fishers Philosophy:

A. Cultivate and advance the art, science and sport of flyfishing as the most sporting and enjoyable method of angling and the way of fishing most consistent with the preservation and use of game fish resources.

B. Be the voice for organized fly fishing.

C. Promote conservation of recreational                    resources.

D. Facilitate and improve the knowledge of fly fishing.

E. Elevate the standard of integrity, honor, and courtesy of anglers.

F. Cherish the spirit of fellowship among anglers everywhere.

G. Establish and maintain liaison with other organizations of anglers and conservationists and government agencies concerned with the sport of angling.

H. Keep its members informed of developments of interest to the membership

The Las Vegas Fly Fishing Club and the Southern Nevada Chapter of Trout Unlimited are both organizations that work towards improving Nevada’s fisheries, teaching newcomers about the sport of fly fishing and sharing their love of fly fishing with others.


Both clubs meet together on the 3rd Tuesday each month starting at 6:30pm with December’s meeting being the exception.  Meetings are held at Bass Pro Shop in the Silverton Hotel and Casino on the 2nd floor next to the gun department.

8200 Dean Martin Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89139


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3. Fly fishing gear for fishing in the ponds.

Special attendance raffles will be held by each club.


Text Box: December Meeting: 12/14/14, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Text Box: Holiday Get-Together at Floyd Lamb Park in the Old Ranch House.

Text Box: Hamburgers, hotdogs and refreshments will be provided by the Southern Nevada Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Las Vegas Fly Fishing Club. The Junior Fly Fishing will be present also and will do some fishing.

Text Box: Please bring

Text Box: 1. Your favorite food item to share (no desserts since the Junior Fly Club will be providing dessert)

Text Box: 2. A chair to sit on



Text Box: If you tell the gate keeper you’re there to help Ivy with the Junior Fly Fishing event you should be allowed in for free and not have to pay the $6 entrance fee.
Come and share your fishing stories!!


Everyone is welcome to attend and meet other avid fly fishers with a passion for the sport and the resources!! Bring a friend!