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Steve McLaughlin

Helping with the cooking, 12/11/2011

Jr Fly Club Outing


X-mas party 12/11/2011

The food was good.

Aaron Barnes

Jr. Fly Club kids having fun.

Stephen Santee

We really aren’t just another Mickey Mouse club.

Brandon and Cameron

Jr. Fly Clubs kids with raffle winnings.








August 2015 newsletter—

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The following pictures have been submitted by members and are inserted into the news letter in the order they were received. There was no editing other than to adjust the size so they fit in the newsletter. Enjoy!


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Fly Fishing Faire 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015 9:00 AM - Sunday, October 18, 2015 4:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Tri-County Fairgrounds Sierra St Bishop, California 93514

Welcome to the only On-The-Water Fly Fishing Faire in the Western States. We have classes to interest and educate anyone from introductory to advanced. You can learn about fly tying, casting and specific on-stream techniques. Brought to you by the Southwest Council, International Federation of Fly Fishers. All proceeds to benefit outreach, conservation and education programs throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada. By registering online, you have a much better chance to secure the workshops and events you don’t want to miss! As an added incentive, we are offering an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL—register by 5 p.m. PDT on 9/10/15 and you will receive 5 free raffle tickets to use at the Faire. WHEN REGISTERING: You will be asked to first establish your membership by either entering your member number, joining the IFFF, or by declining to join the IFFF. Remember that you will receive a discount on workshops if you join! Once you do that you will be prompted to enter your personal information and select your registrant type. These types are as follows: INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY - Individual = 1 adult - Family = Up to 2 adults and 2 children Note: If additional family members/group would like to sign up for the same items as the primary registrant, select the “Apply Same Response” button at the top of the personal information page. SHOW INVOLVED - Show involved Individual = 1 adult must be pre-arranged to provide a workshop, demonstrations, or volunteer onsite - Show involved Individual with family who are not show involved = 1 adult who is show involved who is bringing 1 adult not show involved - Show involved with family show involved = 2 adults show involved can also add children Please follow the instructions as you go along and if you have any problems call 818.2001499 and leave a message. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


For information on Fly fishing Faire, call, e-mail or go to the Faire website.

SWCFFF Faire Hotline: (818) 200-1499 Email: faireinfo@southwestcouncilfff.org



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specific mining taxes to support this... You know about paying a "tire disposal fee" when you buy a tire; that covers the proper disposal of that tire carcass. Proper funding for proper inspection and maintenance will avert many future disasters like this one.

Well, I've ranted for a bit -- the only thing we can do as concerned sportspersons is vote with this conscience in mind, send letters to our standing representatives and volunteer whenever possible.

Also, in conversations with people who care... it was proposed that we begin scheduling outings on the weekend after the meeting. This always promoted the best attendance and the ability for people to plan and hear about the final plan seemed to work out well.

There's a good possibility, if you are reading this, you may well be our new treasurer and you just haven't told us yet. Elections are coming up soon and the deed will have to be done. There is no reason you cannot point your finger at the guy next to you and nominate him. This will need to be done so please consider helping out your club.

We will also be fully funding a troupe of singing nuns for the next 5 years, so please be prepared for the assessments.

The last part was just to see if anyone actually reads this stuff...

Randy Upton



Flyline Page 7



We now do membership on a calendar year basis. Members who have not paid their dues by the February meeting will no longer receive newsletters.

Please pay dues at the January meeting or mail renewal dues to the address shown below. Make checks payable to LVFF:

C/O Las Vegas Fly Fishers

Ed McCormick

7421 Tahoe Basin Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89129


Annual Membership $45.00 ($35 for those 65 and over on January 1)


Flyline Desk

PO Box 27958

Las Vegas NV 89126-1958



Rob Gillingham Jr. helping with the cooking .

Madison River Rainbow

Rainbow Trout

Ray Gutierrez

Redband Trout

The kids did great thanks to adult club members

Cindy—Tiger Trout


Panguitch Lake